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Over 40 Different Styles and Over a Dozen Colors!

Nature Creations has over 40 unique, hand-crafted birdhouses! Every design has been made in-house with the highest quality.

With over a dozen colors, you’ll always have something new for your store that your customers will love!

New designs coming soon!

What Makes Our Birdhouses So Special?

Fully Functional Birdhouses

Our birdhouses are more than just beautiful pieces of history. We care about our birds and do everything to ensure their safety.

Every house has a standard 3 inch clean out with a plug for easy cleaning! Not only that but every house has a quarter inch taken off the sides to ensure proper ventilation for our birds!

Made From Recycled Materials From Southern IL Barns

Want to become a retailer?

Our Birdhouses are little pieces of Illinois history! Each house has recycled materials from southern IL barns and the designs represent our neck-of-the-woods!

Every house is made from start to finish in the U.S.A. “just down the road” with your birds in mind.

Become A retailer and be apart of history!