Welcome to the big red barn!


My name is Scott McDowell and over 30 years ago I started Nature Creations in an attempt to keep a little country in our lives.

The world is changing fast and sometimes we just need to take a minute and appreciate the beauty around us. Whether that beauty takes the form of some rusted tin and weathered wood, or the beautiful birds that it attracts. Either way, I hope our birdhouses bring you as much joy as they have for us!

Be a part of history!

The metal and wood that we use on our birdhouses takes on a look that only time could dictate. Some of the materials are over a hundred years old and create something more than just a birdhouse.

While every birdhouse is fully functional, these houses are more than just a home for birds. They are pieces of history. They are unique pieces of folk art that we hope our ancestors would be proud of!

What we offer…

Our birdhouses are all handmade in the U.S.A. using recycled materials from Southern Illinois.

– Unique handcrafted products

– Fully functional birdhouses

– Amazing customer service